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I specialise in three things:

- Emotionally intelligent change

- Tools and techniques for depth, impact, and ease in personal development and coaching

- Shaking up the status quo and getting beyond BS

About Helen B Johnson

I’m Dr Helen Johnson and I’m here to bridge the gap between an approach to self development that is ‘too fluffy’ and ‘too business’. If you are into lasting change instead of quick fixes, I have some great options for you. Here it’s all about developing sustainable and uplifting systems of thought, feeling, and behaviour

I work with high achievers and creative, complex thinkers.

This is the place to be if you are:

  • Done with the same patterns popping up in your life and ready to do the deep inner work that finally stops them
  • Wanting to reconnect to your inner resources and be guided by your own wisdom, nobody else’s
  • Ready to fully embrace who you are, even the aspects that you keep hidden

Whatever your focus – career, relationships, lifestyle, or navigating change – the point of coaching is to get you to a place where you are mastering your own life and having fun with it too.

Think of me as your lighthouse while you go off on adventures, explore your depths, and hone your inner navigation system. I’ll be there, shining, helping you to always find the light, and to keep your sense of direction. Unlike a lighthouse, I will also be a pain in your bum who actually gets you to act on stuff.

If you have been doing some of this inner work already and are now in a place where you’ve had the terrifying realisation that this stuff NEVER ENDS – and is more like getting fit and staying fit than something that you ‘achieve’ and then put down – then please do not panic, you’re in the right place – I’m all about energy efficiency and having fun with it while keeping the depth and impact that you need…

“Working with Helen left me feeling amazing. I couldn't beleive how calm I felt, how positive, and how smooth my mind was. It really gave me the relief and clarity that I needed and I have seen it have a positive impact on my relationships. Helen makes you feel like you can be the best version of yourself and feel good about yourself.”


My Services: Coaching and Integrated Energy Techniques

Coaching and IET

Coaching is a process that positions you as the expert on your own life and helps you to gain clarity and reconnect to your own inner navigation system. Integrated energy techniques rewire the brain so that bad habits of thoughts, feelings, and behaviour can be released.

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