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Develop your Systems of Thought, Feeling and Behaviour

Are you ready for emotionally intelligent change, tools and techniques for depth, impact and ease in personal development and coaching, or to shake up the status quo and get beyond the BS?

Let me show you how we can work together to bring you positive and impactful change!



Dr. Helen B Johnson

I’m Dr Helen Johnson and I’m here to bridge the gap between an approach to self development that is ‘too fluffy’ and ‘too business’. If you are into lasting change instead of quick fixes, I have some great options for you.

Whatever your focus – career, relationships, lifestyle, or navigating change – the point of coaching is to get you to a place where you are mastering your own life and having fun with it too.

Think of me as your lighthouse while you go off on adventures, explore your depths, and hone your inner navigation system. I’ll be there, shining, helping you to always find the light, and to keep your sense of direction. Unlike a lighthouse, I will also be a pain in your bum who actually gets you to act on stuff.



The process of coaching provides an opportunity for self-discovery and connection with your inner guidance system. Ready to gain new clarity for yourself? Let's get started, get in touch below or find out more here.


Deeper is a programme for coaches, deep thinkers, and leaders who are looking to balance personal development while honing your skills and edge – in other words, a place where you get to reinvigorate your magic.


I offer a variety of workshops, group coaching, talks and more to suit your needs. Get in touch with me about what you're interested in exploring further- together we will build an impactful and personalised experience.


“Working with Helen left me feeling amazing. I couldn't beleive how calm I felt, how positive, and how smooth my mind was. It really gave me the relief and clarity that I needed and I have seen it have a positive impact on my relationships. Helen makes you feel like you can be the best version of yourself and feel good about yourself.”



Get excited about your development journey!

Are you intrigued or exhausted by all of these new possibilities, wondering what it's going to be like for your personal development journey as a whole.


We can have some fun talking through how coaching helps people leverage their strengths in order become more effective at whatever they do best! Let me help guide this process so that we both get into our comfortable zones quickly while still making sure each other grow stronger together- every day is an opportunity gain knowledge from life experiences. I'm here when needed, get in touch.


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