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Image by Natalya Letunova

Coaching & Integrated Energy Techniques

Position yourself as the expert on your own life, gain clarity and reconnect 

Why do Coaching/IET?

I work with people at a deep level instead of wasting energy trying to ‘fix’ various surface issues. I have an ability to really ‘see’ a person and to help them to see and love this person too. People say to me ‘you make me believe I can be the best version of myself’. I have witnessed time and again that the key to getting more out of life is in the parts of ourselves that are hidden, neglected, or rejected and this is why I help you to bring your whole self back into the picture.

We will work on developing a sense of mastery (‘I got this!’ whatever ‘this’ may be), balance (no longer compromising and leaving parts of yourself unsatisfied), and freedom (no longer stuck in roles and behaviours that don’t actually get you where you really want to be).


My Coaching and IET sessions can help to:

  • Improve relationships, lifestyle, and career

  • Set goals, strategise, and achieve them

  • Release hidden blocks and come unstuck

  • Strengthen your mindset and emotional well-being

  • Reconnect to yourself and live with a lighter heart

  • Feel more free, grounded, and confident

Is Coaching & IET For You?

It helps if you are: intelligent, kind, a bit unruly, questioning, neither an outright rebel nor a conformist (you do it YOUR way!), emotionally brave, and have a mischievous sense of humour.


You need to keep yourself sharp and balanced and this means constantly learning, developing, and being held accountable

Pilot in Light Aircraft

You sometimes end up on autopilot and this stops you from feeling grounded AND from shining bright

Be You

You are ready to centre your own needs and values without sacrificing your edge, impact and what make you ... YOU 


Crescentia Cook, Transformational Coach
"I came to Helen feeling stuck and unenthusiastic in my business. Helen helped me really focus on why I started my business and what I wanted to achieve which helped me get excited once again on what I am doing. Helen was very insightful and with her thoughtful questioning I could figure out why I was feeling stuck and how I wanted to proceed. I would definitely recommend Helen if you're looking for help in finding your motivation."

Bookings and more info...

Call me on 07984 348 646, email, or book your consultation below.

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