Are you wanting to level up, get the most out of life, and feel more at ease while you're at it?

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EFT works! Helen also introduced me to her goddesses and helped me identify my ‘weakest links’. Ultimately, I’d like more balance in my life and the Goddess Acumen approach seems both effective and fun.

JanaLadies Who Impress

Working with Helen has given me an invaluable insight and support at times when I struggle to see a clear path to the future I want for myself. She never pushes me to progress faster than I am ready to and allows me the freedom to determine what direct to move in. I also appreciate her focus on how I experience this progress and not just a final result. I would encourage everyone to give themselves this support, an informed and objective viewpoint and tools to approach all that life has to throw at us.


I have really enjoyed working with Helen. She is very skilled at what she does, and also has a lovely way of bringing her infectious sense of humour into her work

AJFinancial Advisor

I came to see Helen during a particularly trying time - due to a relationship break-up I was suffering severe anxiety and was having trouble focusing on anything else, or maintaining any perspective. I had sessions with Helen using EFT and I noticed the difference almost immediately. I just felt calmer and more in control of my thoughts, whereas before I had felt very panicky and anxious. Helen has a very calming manner and really listens and has a very rational perspective on things - as well as the work she did, just talking to her really helped.

CSPR Consultant

Working with Helen has been a delight. I originally came to her to learn the practise of EFT but learnt so much more, not only about myself but about the fascinating world of Goddesses. I instantly felt the positive results of EFT and was able to continue working on myself, with the help of Helens clear instructions, at home or when required. Helen also introduced me to my inner Goddesses and with a few simple questions and some liberating exercises, I was able to find balance and acceptance within myself. I'd highly recommend Helen and all the amazing talented skills she has to offer.

EmilyPhotographic Blonde

Working with Helen left me feeling amazing. I couldn't believe how calm I felt, how positive, and how smooth my mind was. It really gave me the relief and clarity that I needed and I have
seen it have a positive impact on my relationships. Helen makes you feel like you can be the best version of yourself and feel good about yourself.

AnitaCharity Leader

The work I have done with Helen has been really transformative. It helped me to get past some of the blocks I have created in my own life that are holding me back from the life I want. Our work together was challenging but in a good way - I trusted the process as I could see the steps I was
taking already. I feel it has set me up on a new path. Thanks Helen!

SarahBusiness Owner

I was at a crossroads and felt stuck in old stagnant energy. I had recently had a family bereavement and felt a bit ungrounded. I gained a new perspective, a push in the right
direction and a chance to un-muddle my mind. I felt things altered without me realising at first. It was a gentle work but on a deep level and perfect for me at that time. During the time things shifted and I have made new plans - something hadn't had for a decade!


I really enjoyed my work with Helen. It was fascinating, unexpected and surprising. I learned a great deal from it, and the e-mails that we had subsequently. I did enjoy it so much that it made me want to do more work with Helen.


When I saw the topic on 'inner goddess' I was like nah-this isn't for me. Well put it this way I was completely hooked!! Totally made sense! Now I have done more work to address the blocks that I have and clear things at a subconscious level and it has been amazing.

CharlotteBusiness Owner

Helen is amazing at what she does! She is truly modest about her talent. She has helped me to grow out of my shell by exploring out of my comfort zone. She has such a way with words and puts things into perspective so easily that obstacles I once faced are no longer there.

NiaPostgraduate Student

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