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John Atkins

Police Consultant

"It was time for a change in my life and I was looking for new roles at work. That meant an interview. Just the thought of an interview used to bring me out in a sweat, make my heart quicken and don’t even ask about the anxiety! That was until I worked with Helen. We only had a short time until my dream role interview, but Helen made herself available to ensure I made the progress I needed to. We examined what it was about interviews that invoked such extreme reactions. Talking through a recent interview fail revealed the blocks I had and together we unravelled what was causing me to react in the way I was.

We then had a session on coping mechanisms……. It was strange to start with but utilising the Integrated Energy Techniques that Helen showed me I felt more at peace with myself that I ever had before when thinking of the upcoming interview. I gained confidence and needless to say I landed the role! Helen showed me that I didn’t need to feel trapped by the interview and to embrace the way I was feeling. These are natural feelings, but they needn’t hinder me!! She helped me manage my emotions and transform myself from a babbling, sweaty mess to projecting the confident and articulate person I really am. I really can’t thank Helen enough for all her help and I will certainly be returning for her wisdom when it’s time for promotion!"

John Atkins
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