Soul Stuff: The Alternative Leadership Academy

Soul Stuff Group Programme Coming Soon!

A programme for leaders – people who are already established in what they are doing – who are looking to balance their personal and business development.

I am going to take you through different modalities that I have done and learned so well over time – like Goddess archetypes, astrology, EFT, and philosophy. You will get to run it on yourselves and then I’ll teach you how to use a piece of it for your workshops and clients. This means that you get to do the personal development and also get to learn how to use it on clients.

I know that you don’t have the time or inclination to retrain in all these modalities and yet you are aware that they have a lot to offer. Using my insight and ability to see what matters in them, I will translate what is really powerful into useable content and deliver in a way that is enjoyable and doesn’t feel like just another thing on your to do list. My superpower is bringing out the useful aspects of these modalities in a no-nonsense and engaging way.

Register your interest by emailing: [email protected] with the subject line: I’m interested in Soul Stuff – I’ll do the rest!

Enough Talk, Let's Build Something Together