One to one coaching using Integrated Energy Techniques

15-week course including strategy, coaching, action plan, and ongoing support

Coaching & IET

Coaching is a process that positions you as the expert on your own life and helps you to gain clarity and reconnect to your own inner navigation system.


My bespoke service offers workshops, talks, and more that can be curated to suit your needs.

Soul Stuff

Soul Stuff is a group programme offering high quality, bite sized personal development that keeps you growth and momentum.


Integrated energy techniques rewire the brain so that bad habits of thoughts, feelings, and behaviour can be released.

Why do Coaching/IET?

Is this you?

  • You know what you ‘should’ be doing to reach your goals, but something just isn’t clicking.
  • You are accomplished, intelligent, and driven but you are also tired and feel constantly on autopilot.
  • You’ve done some of the ‘right things’ but it still feels like something is in the way.

Are you looking for a solution, but...

  • You’re not interested in quick fixes and fancy sound bites, you are ready to take a step back and do deeper work, taking action that is more aligned to your core self.
  • You aren’t looking for therapy or someone to tell you what to do – you are looking for a sounding board, a champion, someone to challenge and support you.
  • You know the value of working on your mindset, as well as finding strategic solutions to life’s challenges.

My Coaching and IET sessions can help to:

  • Improve relationships, lifestyle, and career
  • Set goals, strategise, and achieve them
  • Release hidden blocks and come unstuck
  • Strengthen your mindset and emotional well-being
  • Reconnect to yourself and live with more ease and a lighter heart
    Feel more free, grounded, and confident

Booking an appointment

Call me on 07984 348 646, email [email protected], or just complete the form below.

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