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From philosophy, to Buddhism, to energy healing techniques, I love to play around with ideas and create new approaches to success.

Stuff we can talk about

I’m Dr Helen B Johnson, I’ve always been curious about what makes us tick and how we can transform our lives and shift our energies, I have gathered a lot of wisdom in my time. From philosophy, to Buddhism, to energy healing techniques, I love to play around with ideas and create new approaches to success, transformation, and relationships.

I’m all about making change through challenging, intelligent, powerful, and ultimately very releasing approaches. Mind and body work also comes into it by using tools such as EFT, NLP and hypnosis, which help to short circuit your brain’s bad habits. I love these tools because you can use them to really target your blocks, and they don’t take a lot of effort!

I also draw from skills derived from a rich and diverse professional background, including a PhD on transforming lives, an undergraduate philosophy degree from the University of Oxford, and my previous career as a barrister and legal policy advisor.

Some things we can talk about are:

  1. Why your inner arch enemy always ends up being your knight in shining armour (and how to stop rejecting and start loving that part of you!)
  2. Why ‘doing what you love’ is BS and what to focus on instead
  3. The biggest mistakes that coaches and people helping empower others make – and how to avoid these
  4. Why guilt and shame are hot commodities and how to stop wasting money on them
  5. How to forgive personal development for its traps and failings (and my top three – drama, arrogance, and surface bullshit)
  6. How to embrace the law of attraction without policing yourself into oblivion
  7. The most unexpected tool I found for really embracing all parts of myself – and the massive difference this makes
  8. How to heal from watching sociopaths and narcissists be successful – and quiet the voice that thinks you need to be more ruthless
  9. The lost art of wisdom and nuance – and why we need it back
  10. Stages of change and how to help people (and yourself) navigate through them

“Working with Helen left me feeling amazing. I couldn't beleive how calm I felt, how positive, and how smooth my mind was. It really gave me the relief and clarity that I needed and I have seen it have a positive impact on my relationships. Helen makes you feel like you can be the best version of yourself and feel good about yourself.”


How I got here

My qualifications

  • ICF Coach Accreditation (coaching diploma achieved, with full certification in Dec 2020)
  • Certified NLP Practitioner (ABNLP)
  • Diploma in Integrated Energy Techniques (NLP, Hypnotherapy, EFT)
  • AAMET Advanced EFT Practitioner
  • Personal Construct Psychology training
  • PhD on the social psychological process of how people change their lives

My training

  • DISC personality profiling
  • Neuroscience in coaching
  • Positive psychology
  • Strengths and values coaching
  • Therapeutic techniques
  • I also draw from wisdom such as Buddhism, Jungian archetypes, and western philosophy

What I do

I’m a multi-faceted firecracker who helps coaches, leaders, and shakers challenge their bullshitty beliefs that stop them from being the best facilitators they can be while also enhancing their strategy and toolkit for impact.

An industry disruptor going beyond the BS to bring coaches, leaders, and change-makers a host of bold, whole-person tools and techniques. I light the fuse in coaches to scratch beyond the same-old surface and make sure that they themselves – and every client session! – is on fire.

At a personal level, I make your mind a happier, more relaxed place to be while also keeping you on the path of excellence and continual growth…

My career started as a barrister, a natural progression for an Oxford philosophy graduate with a somewhat geeky streak but something that even at the time was a source of amusement to all those who knew my playful and free spirit! I chose to leave because it wasn’t a fit, although I firmly believe that we can thrive in all walks of life. I spent a number of years searching for my own path, spending time in roles relating to social justice until commencing a PhD that seeks to understand how people change their lives. However, at heart my true passion has always been to understand people, ideas, and personal development, and so here I am…

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