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Your New Year Mission

Dr. Helen Johnson

20 Feb 2018

So this year I’m inviting you to make my mission your mission and to get involved. In a nutshell, I help women...

So this year I’m inviting you to make my mission your mission and to get involved. In a nutshell, I help women to see their inner light and to allow it to shine more brightly. Unleashing your inner goddess is about finding balance, freedom and a sense of personal power. It’s about being confident stepping into your authentic self. Ultimately, this is about having more pleasure in life and less negative energy.

I work with clients on an individual basis using a range of tools – some clients may not even hear mention of a single Goddess (but they are always there!). For most women, learning the tool of EFT is enough to find the session powerful. Often, I draw from EFT, hypnosis and NLP, using exercises that help to transform the way a person thinks and feels about the world, themselves and their experience and to release any blocks or traumas.

Even for the greatest sceptic who has walked through my doors, it really is the introduction of the Goddesses that speaks to them the most. This is because it gives women the chance to finally have a dialogue with different – and sometimes competing – aspects of themselves and their lives. And perhaps more importantly, there is the chance to really celebrate their whole self as a woman.

Together, we will look at the way the different Goddesses are expressed in their lives, their preferred Goddess, the one who least resonates with them, the one who needs healing. We may tap on their beliefs around one aspect, we may use other exercises, often we try to heal and promote understanding between conflicting aspects of the self. And we do all this with a healthy dose of humour and a lot of heart.

So, how do you start to think about your own Goddesses? Here are three tips:

  1. Take my Goddess quiz… find out which Goddess you most relate to (sign up on my homepage)

  1. Read about the Goddesses on my blog and identify one Goddess that is calling out for healing, then make a list of three small actions you can take (

  2. While reading about each Goddess, give thanks to that aspect of yourself… Even if you don’t yet understand how she manifests in your life, say thank you anyway… Your subconscious always knows. (See my ‘About Goddesses’ page

Finally, if you want to start taking action on this then get in touch with me about my Goddess Course.

With much love,

Helen x

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