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Why Goddesses

Dr. Helen Johnson

13 Mar 2018

I always knew I was a Goddess. I’ve got the mug to prove it! This was sent to me on my 19th birthday by ...

I always knew I was a Goddess. I’ve got the mug to prove it! This was sent to me on my 19th birthday by my mother, along with a number of other things, including the inevitable underwear and lots of glittering confetti (it was a quirk of her character that she loved ridiculous decorations and glitter, a trait that only emerged at Christmas and birthdays). I still have the mug standing on my bedside table holding cards of wisdom and doing its best to remind me of my goddess within (even when not feeling very Goddess-like first thing in the morning…). So really, it was my mum who taught me about being a Goddess and about all the wonderful aspects of my femininity, and in turn, I have been a champion and celebrant of this in others.

She taught me this with subtlety and humour – and I think that’s the best way of learning. Every year she would buy a humorous Goddess calendar that depicted old-fashioned domestic scenes with captions about the Goddesses – she appreciated the jokes but also the idea that even in the ordinariness of our lives we are channeling our Inner Goddess.

It was only after she died that I started to take these ideas more seriously and realise their power, and in exploring these ideas I do feel like I’m conversing with her. Losing a mother is devastating in so many ways, one of which is the loss of such powerful guidance (even if we deny it at the time!). I’ve often wondered about the advice she might have given me as I grew older and – apart from the usual ‘get a grip’ style of advice she was fond of, as well as the insistence that I avoid the use of hyperbole – I’m sure that she would recommend the Goddess Archetypes as a blueprint for living

Archetypes are ways of thinking about being human; they are templates that help us to understand our relationship to ourselves, others, and the world around us. The Goddess Archetypes are the personification of female power and attributes – different aspects of female psychology that are explored through human form, characters and stories.  

They are metaphors for our internal worlds; the inner forces that impact our ways of living. Goddess Acumen is about getting in touch with, and being guided by, these energies. This brings a sense of balance, empowerment, and direction.

And a word on men – it was my father that introduced my mother to the Goddesses – he understood its power for her and for him. We can all benefit from appreciating these different energies within ourselves and nurturing this in others. Understanding the Goddesses can help us to relate better to one another, and to our own selves. In addition, the Goddesses have their masculine counterparts and relate to them in different ways. So, there is plenty here for men too…

And the more we all share in it, the better…

So, if you want to discover more about your Inner Goddess please get in touch with me and we can discuss it over a free introductory call!

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