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What Are Goddess Archetypes and Why Use Them?

Dr. Helen Johnson

15 Jun 2018

Archetypes are ways of thinking about being human that help to better develop our own inner navigation system...

Archetypes are ways of thinking about being human that help to better develop our own inner navigation system, to have more compassion for ourselves (and others), and to harness our power, possibility, and purpose. They are templates that help us to understand our lives and gain clarity in how we are currently living, our potential, and how to carve out a lifestyle that brings satisfaction at the deepest level. Through the power of story and metaphor, they bring our psychology to life so that we better understand our thoughts, feelings, and behaviour. Most importantly through understanding different archetypes we are able to get in touch with – and heal our relationship to – different parts of ourselves and others.

Goddess Archetypes comes from Jungian Psychology and is about harnessing six different aspects of our femininity that work together in harmony to heal wounds, find abundance and support us in our daily lives, so that we can be strutting our stuff like badass Goddesses, held up by their wisdom and power. Meet Athena, Artemis, Aphrodite, Hera, Persephone and Demeter who represent different aspects of ramped up feminine energy – rich, glorious, complex, expansive and multi-faceted.

Their journeys are our journeys. Their characteristics represent aspects of ourselves. They are metaphors for our internal worlds, the inner forces that impact our ways of living. Our own Goddess will be the unique way that these forces combine within us. Finding that sweet spot of balance between them all is the key!

Archetypes are NOT about pigeon holing ourselves and dumbing down our complexities! With Goddesses, we are not seeking out a particular category to fit into, succumbing to the bad habit of typecasting ourselves into certain roles. Instead, we seek to understand the resources and energies that we have the easiest relationship with (perhaps even an overreliance) – our inner best friend – and those that we reject, neglect, or run from – our inner arch enemy.

By learning to love every aspect of ourselves and develop stronger resources we step outside of our limitations. In fact, sometimes it is our inner arch enemy who possesses just the thing we need to pull us out of a tricky situation. In other words, Goddess Archetypes help you to expand your sense of self and to make more use of your inner resources. It also gives you more opportunity to live life on your terms, giving yourself permission and confidence to be your boldest, truest self.

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