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The year of the Goddess: YOU!

Dr. Helen Johnson

3 Apr 2018

I’m sure by now you have an idea of which Goddess you most identify with (if not, sign up on my homepage...

6 Goddesses, 6 different ways to light up 2015…

I’m sure by now you have an idea of which Goddess you most identify with (if not, sign up on my homepage at for a free quiz!). Or maybe you just have an idea of which Goddess most needs attention or feels out of balance… Well, as we enter the Spring it is a time for making change, going for what we want, and after reflecting during winter, taking action towards our goals. By way of inspiration, here are six stories of how different Goddesses used their year ahead to transform and find balance and light…


Oh dear, poor Aphrodite. 2017 saw a series of romantic disappointments and she started to question what on earth she was doing to attract all this nonsense. Everyone around her could appreciate her radiance but she couldn’t offer the same love to herself that she bestowed on others. So in 2018 Aphrodite started taking herself on dates. That’s right, she started being her own perfect partner and finding ways to have adventures on her own. She fell in love with herself – and rightly so!


Well, Artemis certainly knows how to look after herself and in 2017 she pushed herself to her physical limits, testing her own strength and making sure she was in nature as much as possible. But emotionally Artemis was tired. Sometimes she yearned for connection with others but would feel awkward about how to go about this. So in 2018, independent Artemis practiced the art of asking for help and asking for company. She lightened her own load and she found other people to share in her adventures.


Like Artemis, Demeter spent 2017 addicted to doing everything herself – the only difference being that Demeter focussed her energy on helping others. She knows how needed she is and she gave as much as she could. But again, like Artemis, she became exhausted and forgot the last time she… well… just did something for herself. So in 2018 Demeter committed to spoiling herself like a child. She decided to turn some of her focus onto herself and indulge her childlike desires as well as making sure that she was properly fed, rested and had room to play.


It’s tough at the top and as a natural leader Hera knows this only too well. In 2017 she also lost out on just having fun. She was too busy making sure that things were running smoothly, organising other people, taking responsibility for both her family and her community. A lot of people didn’t really thank Hera for this, finding it all a bit boring and tedious. Hera was left with the stress and responsibilities that other people felt able to push aside. So in 2018, Hera found new ways of getting light relief – comedy clubs, befriending someone with an infectious sense of fun, experimenting with being irresponsible once in a while… Even doing absolutely nothing!


In 2017, career focussed Athena found work stressful and this drained all of her energy and time. Sure, she was doing well but underneath her adrenaline fuelled lifestyle she could feel exhaustion creeping in and she wondered how on earth she would ever find balance. She felt pre-occupied all the time and stuck in her head. So in 2018 Athena decided to have a love affair with her body – exploring new ways of eating, exercise, and indulging her sensuality… And guess what, her work didn’t suffer, instead things became easier all round.


For Persephone, 2017 was one big learning curve. She faced her fears and she faced up to herself – both the good and the bad. She began a process of letting go of anything that didn’t truly serve her but this involved loss after loss after loss. For 2018, having cleared out her internal (metaphorical) closet, Persephone was ready for some new clothes. And so she decided to explore joyful ways of feeding her soul and replenishing her resources – she unleashed her creativity in big ways and small (think singing, dancing, art, music….).

So there you have it, 6 different ways to light up your 2018. Which one will you choose? (Oh, ok, you don’t really have to limit yourself to one!):

  1. Start taking yourself on (really special) dates

  2. Practice asking for help and for company

  3. Commit to spoiling your inner child

  4. Find new ways of getting light relief

  5. Have a love affair with your body

  6. Explore joyful ways of feeding your soul

I can’t wait for the year ahead…

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