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The Goddesses: Meet Hera

Dr. Helen Johnson

7 Jul 2014

Hera is noticeable because of her command of herself and others; she has queenly poise and influence ...

Hera is noticeable because of her command of herself and others; she has queenly poise and influence. She is self-assured and has tremendous presence – a force to be reckoned with. Often, her natural capacity for leadership emerges in later life. A modern expression of Hera would be the older matriarch who keeps her household and its family members in order.  She sets standards and expects others to adhere to them. However, sometimes her powerful force will express itself through snobbery, elitism and disapproval.

Hera’s obsession with rules and respectability can make her hard and unable to connect through the heart. If she ever feels powerless, she can become bitter and unpleasant. She may also fail to live her own life, too concerned with manipulating the lives of others.

She thrives on partnership and seeks power and position through the partnerships she makes. She is not a career woman like Athena; instead her power is generated through social relationships. She seeks advantage in both the political and social arena by creating a close-knit and well-functioning community of which she is the centre. She is politically and socially savvy.  In marriage, she will seek power, security, position, and opportunity – she will choose her match accordingly!  She will be shrewd in identifying opportunities for her partner to shine but there may be a constant power struggle within the relationship itself.

Hera’s thirst for power has been historically denied by patriarchal power structures, leaving her frustrated and having to seek power through men or male dominated social structures. She can be angry that she is not easily afforded the opportunity and respect that she strives for because of unfair social structures. She may be able to play the game to her advantage but it can leave her feeling competitive, jealous and threatened by others who seek to gain social position. As such, she may go unappreciated by those who do not understand the enormous contribution she makes to society. Hera represents stability, support and productivity; she is the reason that communities function.

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