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My Story

Dr. Helen Johnson

16 Jan 2016

I’m going to start at the age when I was forced to make decisions regarding my career. It’s not that nothing juicy

I’m going to start at the age when I was forced to make decisions regarding my career. It’s not that nothing juicy went on before then – and certainly there is plenty that is relevant to my journey – it’s just that I’m not willing to share this with you until you at least buy me dinner…

So here I am, a soon-to-be Oxford graduate (Philosophy and French), delightfully weird and yet tragically unaware of this. I had not yet embraced the fact that I HATE RULES and get impatient with detail and therefore seeing as I could sometimes be a bit mouthy (and I loved the beauty of constructing a good argument), I thought it would be a GREAT idea to become a barrister. It wasn’t. I did not embrace the Civil Procedure Rules one bit. While all my friends were having fun barristering, I was asking my supervisor (previously known as ‘master’) annoying questions about the ‘impact this would have on society’. This didn’t endear me to him. None of this was helped by the fact I had recently lost my mother and my whole worldview was shifting. So I left the law pretty quickly and was forced to reevaluate the path I was taking.

Long story short, I went abroad and worked on child and women’s rights and then I moved to Scotland before returning to London with a fresh bunch of skills and a new perspective. Eventually, being a huge geek I jumped at the chance of doing a PhD with an academic I had come across during my Masters who I really admire (I still admire him but let’s keep that between us, don’t want to flatter him too much). I have just completed this PhD, which was on the emotional process of change as women leave prostitution and how we can support this in an emotionally intelligent way. This may seem distantly related to the work I do with Goddess Acumen but it really isn’t – my journey was taking me on a path of really discovering how to support people, how people think and feel, and what it takes to transform your life (and having been through so many transitions myself I had learned to be mindful of my own wellbeing).

It was during the early days of my PhD that I discovered EFT/Tapping, which was recommended to me by a friend who told me she had found it to be the missing link for really letting go and releasing anything holding her back. I started seeing a practitioner and it was the single best thing I ever did. I decided to delve deeper into it and become a practitioner myself. I also started reading the book on Goddesses that inspired me so much I decided people needed to hear more about it! I began to develop the idea of Goddess Acumen, combining the knowledge I gained in my PhD with my training in integrated energy techniques (tapping, NLP, hypnosis), and my absolute passion for expanding and balancing feminine energy (though please know that I also love the fellas too!).

This has been my journey so far… How I can be of service?!

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