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How come you can be successful with a shi**y mindset?!

Dr. Helen Johnson

11 Jan 2023

If the gods and goddesses of business coaching were to be believed then success and mindset go hand in hand...

If the gods and goddesses of business coaching were to be believed then success and mindset go hand in hand...

The more of a healthy way of thinking you have, the more positive beliefs, then the more your strategy will take off ...

Which, let's face it, is strange because... Well.... There are plenty of successful of successful people with a shi**y mindset.

Real talk - there are plenty of actually outright toxic people who are doing well! So here we are worrying that we aren't thinking straight and this is holding us back... Meanwhile these people are snatching up devoted followers and bringing in the cash no problem - like they didn't just kick a puppy five seconds ago! (Or the equivalent, you know what I’m getting at...).

So a question for the business guru types: in light of this, how on earth can it be true that strategy isn't popping off because our mindsets aren't fixed yet???! You absolute lying liars who lie!

I'll tell you how, it’s because we make some errors when trying to make sense of what is going on.

First error: Believing that money and being high profile = success

The people I work with (and the people I want to work with!) also care about making a genuinely positive contribution to the world, making an impact, and doing it all with... SOUL. They want to do business in a way that generates goodness, not just profit. The successful people with a shi**y mindset inevitably leave a trail of hurt people behind them (not always clients by the way...!). That’s not ’success’ in any meaningful sense.

Second error: Thinking that we need to fix the whole bloody lot of our thinking in order to move forward.

It’s not all of our thinking that is the problem, it’s just one part. I'll tell you what these people have in common... Entitlement. A total willingness to take, take, take - and to do so at others expense if needs be! If we can learn one thing from them it is to wake up in the morning with a deep seated willingness to receive - and then add in the part where we are also connected to other values and making a positive impact and all that soul stuff. We need to work on receiving and worthiness - usually the block is around that.

Third error: Thinking it is only about mindset and strategy.

Don't get me wrong, I am basically a mindset and strategy coach myself. I believe in this stuff. I just don't believe in it without soul too. I also believe in the mindset work because it makes things easier, more satisfying, and more enjoyable for YOU. Not for 'success' but because what is the point of success if you're not also totally on fire and loving life - if your work doesn't touch your soul??

So, who is with me? Forget mindset and strategy, from now on it is mindset, strategy, and soul (also in my case actual soul music because I love it).

Drop me a message if this resonates!
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