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Being Emotionally Free

Dr. Helen Johnson

24 Apr 2018

You know how there are some thoughts, beliefs, and emotions that you just can’t seem to shift no matter how...

You know how there are some thoughts, beliefs, and emotions that you just can’t seem to shift no matter how much you talk them out, reason with yourself or meditate on them?! Well, Emotional Freedom Therapy or ‘tapping’ is a tool that helps you do just that. It helps you to release and let go of anything that doesn’t serve you – clearing the negative so that the positive can emerge naturally. If you ever feel like ‘positive thinking’ is challenging because your old – maybe even subconscious – beliefs still have a hold on you, then tapping can help to loosen their hold without trying to force it or fake it til you make it…  You will then be clear to receive all the good without the struggle – and tapping can help you affirm the positive in your life too. It helps you to reach your natural state of calm, joy and abundance.

The idea behind EFT is that our minds and bodies are connected and that the impact of negative thoughts, beliefs and emotions are stored in our bodies. For example, sometimes a particular thought will produce a strong physical reaction whenever it comes to our mind, such as the knot in our stomach that emerges every time we are reminded of that deadline at work… or the way we can tense up just thinking about stepping onto a packed train at 8am… EFT works by helping to release any negative charge – think of it as a stress response – as you address your thoughts and beliefs, which in turn helps to release the thoughts and beliefs themselves. As a result, you find more balance and calm. Tapping tells your body that it is safe and allows you to feel more centred.

Tapping works fast so in one session you are likely to feel a sense of release. The physical experience of doing tapping is testament enough to its effectiveness. However, it also works on a subconscious level to transform your thought patterns to ones that serve you better. In my work I also use Neuro Linguistic Programming. NLP is a great compliment to EFT, it works on transforming the way that you think. I’m sure you are familiar with the idea that it is our inner lives that creates our outer lives.

Through NLP you can develop a way of thinking and feeling about the world that empowers you. The beauty of both techniques is that they work with you as you are right now. You can be really honest about how you think and feel and don’t need to force yourself to think or feel any differently. Instead, the techniques will allow you to feel better and develop, at your own pace, thought patterns that work for you. The most important part of EFT is to be loving and accepting of yourself – who can argue with that?!

My only call to action today is… Try it, you might like it

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