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Talk at Soho House:

13th March

WeSleep workshop:

21st March


Some feedback from past events:

'Today was so needed, I have felt amazing since I left you... Can't believe how calm and wonderful I feel and how smoothly my mind has been...'

'This was a stimulating and insightful workshop! I thoroughly enjoyed the day and sharing it with a group of like-minded women. Helen's knowledge and supportive nature was inspiring to be around. Highly recommended'

'I practiced your EFT before a client presentation week before last and I was able to get through it pretty much without blanking and having nervous panics, which had been happening for the past 2 years following a soul destroying career episode. So thank you!'



Corporate/Group Workshops and Speaking

  • Tailored or pre-prepared workshops on Goddess Archetypes and/or using EFT
  • Prices range from £200-£750 depending on the length, size of the group, and bespoke content
  • Bespoke packages that include working one-to-one with staff


Example Workshops

Abundant Goddess Workshop 

Imagine being able to live through the heart, stand in your own power, and embrace every aspect of your femininity in a balanced way. This workshop is your first step to achieving just that. This powerful healing and transformational work focusses on Greek Goddesses as metaphors for the different aspects of our feminine energy and combines this with practical tools such as EFT/tapping that can be used at home to release negative thoughts, feelings and beliefs.

You will learn about Goddess Archetypes and how they can unlock the secret to more balance, self-love and expansion. You will also learn how to use tapping as a powerful and effective tool for managing stress and clearing anything that doesn’t serve you. We will combine this with other powerful tools such as NLP (working on transforming your thought patterns) and meditation. You will draw from your inner resources and find a renewed sense of purpose and motivation for finding balance, freedom and a sense of power.

Introduction to EFT

You know those thoughts, beliefs, and emotions that you just can’t seem to shift no matter how much you talk them out, reason with yourself or meditate on them?! Well, Emotional Freedom Therapy or ‘tapping’ is a tool that helps you do just that, releasing and letting go of anything that doesn’t serve you and allowing the positive to emerge naturally - reaching your natural state of calm, joy and abundance.

The idea behind EFT is that our minds and bodies are connected and that the impact of negative thoughts, beliefs and emotions are stored in our bodies. EFT works by helping to release these physical and emotional responses, which in turn releases the thoughts and beliefs themselves.

In this workshop you will learn how to use tapping as a powerful tool for managing stress and clearing anything that doesn’t serve you. Combined with meditation, you will draw from your inner resources, finding balance, freedom and renewed strength.


One-to-One Sessions for Staff

VIP Deep Dive Coaching and Energy Healing 

A one-to-one personal development coaching session that dives deep into your identity, values, and goals. Our aim is to really challenge and stimulate your thinking, deepen your understanding of yourself, and get you ready to make the right changes for you in the right way. This is for people who want to go deeper into an intelligent, practical spirituality/life philosophy, instead of being satisfied by soundbites. The aim is to get you out of your head and back into yourself and into life...


  • Preparation - you will complete a questionnaire prior to the session
  • Coaching morning or afternoon - this is where we will really get stuck into clearing your blocks, understanding your deepest self, and finding your own inner navigation system
  • Follow up - a quick call after 3 months to check you are still on track and celebrate all the transformations that are occurring!

Contact me to discuss further:

[email protected]

Price: £500



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