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The secret lies in the hidden and rejected

By February 18, 2021January 30th, 2022No Comments

Faaaaaaaarrkkk. Here is a little terrifying fact for you:

All those parts of you that you push away – the parts you dislike or maybe even deny exist at all – the parts that you haven’t given any attention because you either take them for granted, think they are a liability, or don’t see the value of – those parts – they are the key to whatever it is that is holding you back.
I would put money on it. (At least a whole fiver). I’ve seen it time and time again. The very things you most need right now – to feel stronger, level up, experience more joy, success, or whatever you desire – are the very things that are lying dormant within you right this second and being COMPLETELY NEGLECTED OR REJECTED.
When I use Goddess psychology each individual will always have at least one Goddess who leaves them cold. I can guarantee that the energy of that Goddess is what they most need. I see this every time I introduce them to anyone! Here’s some examples:
1. The time that someone did a spreadsheet to prove that they weren’t the Goddess who *sometimes* has control issues … bwahahahaha
2. The time someone swore blind that their ‘relaxed’ attitude to getting it on was totally ok and she didn’t need any ‘control freak, uptight’ Hera energy, until they realised that it actually WASN’T FUN AT ALL to constantly be in relationships that weren’t secure (me, I’m talking about myself here eeek)
3. The time that someone was so scared of everything that they would literally freak out at being ankle high in the sea, until she realised that being unsafe was exactly what she needed to level up in life (hellooooooooo Artemis)
4. The person who was really ‘left cold’ by the most spiritual and woo woo of the Goddess archetypes (because that stuff is just for irrational people ammiright?!). Except lo and behold when she finally tried meditation – only because she discovered it is scientifically proven – it completely transformed her wellbeing…
Your ego is probably really invested in NOT being these hidden and rejected parts and so will do its best to terrify you into never being them. Which in turn means that it can be slightly – or extremely – uncomfortable to unleash them.
But unleash them we must!
But also yay! Because actually this is how we level up and get more of what we really want and need.
How? You know how… Curiosity, surrender, getting guidance and support, deep listening, energy healing, and having a really healthy sense of humour about yourself (this one is especially important and sadly lacking in the personal development world at times).

As a professional I always have at least one eye on what is hidden and rejected because I know this is where the real transformation happens. Sometimes it helps to have someone who can see you clearly and help you to see yourself clearly too – especially the strengths and resources you never knew you had. That’s where I come in! Message me if this sounds like just the kind of journey you need right now…

Dr. Helen Johnson

Dr Helen Johnson coaches creative, complex thinkers, and leaders in their field to challenge themselves, be more effective, and lighten up. Through her group programme, Deeper, she offers a way to hone your coaching and personal development skills while also doing the powerful work on yourself.

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