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9-1Over the next few months I will be releasing short videos to introduce each Goddess energy and dedicating some time to celebrating that Goddess. This month is dedicated to Demeter and the energy of nurturing and creativity – possibly the most important energy for having a strong foundation.

If you’d like to find out more, come on my retreat in Barbados (check out my ‘Retreats’ page!), attend my workshop, or get in touch to do my six session course (find details under ‘What I Offer’)…


Workshop details here:

Recognise and Awaken Your Baddass Goddess Self! 30th April 2016

You can also hear me at an event entitled ‘Should You Freeze Your Eggs’ (I make my first appearance at 16mins20). In this talk I point out that you can trust yourself to make decisions, yes, even (especially) the ones that stir up your emotions because these emotions are communicative:

 Egg Freezing and Fertility

Here’s Demeter…:



Dr. Helen Johnson

Dr Helen Johnson coaches creative, complex thinkers, and leaders in their field to challenge themselves, be more effective, and lighten up. Through her group programme, Deeper, she offers a way to hone your coaching and personal development skills while also doing the powerful work on yourself.

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