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iStock_000026101529MediumAthena is a warrior goddess of wisdom and civilisation. A modern day expression of Athena energy would be the smart city career woman, with her sharp suit and even sharper mind. Athena is intellectual, competitive, feisty, independent, strong, courageous and inspired. She enjoys the city and culture. She loves people and ideas and she drives civilisation forward, including actively promoting social justice. In Greek mythology she is born out of the head of Zeus and Athenas have a strong relationship to this metaphorical father – as such, they tend to either become the dutiful daughter or rebel. In the modern world, Athenas will tend to conform to patriarchal norms or fight against them, either becoming the career woman who adopts the macho boardroom culture or challenging this male dominance by promoting women’s rights.

In love and relationships she seeks a fellow warrior – a partner in crime! – with whom she can fight alongside, sharing in life’s adventures , and someone with whom she has an intellectual meeting of minds.  She demands autonomy, respect and to be treated as an equal.

Athenas can come into conflict with the fatherworld, being both drawn to it and repressed by it. She strives to join as an equal in heroic endeavours that have been traditionally preserved for men. Athenas, with their fighting spirit and fierce intellect, can become isolated or unsure of their role in relation to the fatherworld and their role as women. Athena can become trapped in her own armour and unable to express her vulnerability and softness. In addition, she can be too much in her head, losing her relationship to her body and the physical world. She may lose balance and grounding, be intellectually exhausted, physically distant from others, or stressed and ill through pushing herself too hard.

Athena women thrive and find balance when they are able to make peace with their vulnerable side and find ways to return to their bodies. In addition, examining their role as women through the lens of all six goddesses enables them to gain a stronger sense of purpose and find their place in the world. The other goddesses have many gifts to offer her, particularly the wild Artemis and nurturing Demeter. She has much to offer in return, not least her lively mind, fierce spirit and commitment to civilisation.


Dr. Helen Johnson

Dr Helen Johnson coaches creative, complex thinkers, and leaders in their field to challenge themselves, be more effective, and lighten up. Through her group programme, Deeper, she offers a way to hone your coaching and personal development skills while also doing the powerful work on yourself.