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Coffee-HeartMy career started as a barrister, a natural progression for an Oxford philosophy graduate with a somewhat geeky streak but something that even at the time was a source of amusement to all those who knew my playful and free spirit! I chose to leave because it wasn’t a fit, although I firmly believe that goddessness (new word that I invented – please use liberally) comes from within and that goddesses can thrive in all walks of life. My aim is to help people to find a way of living that suits them – be that money, relationships, career, wellbeing – and to release any negative thoughts and beliefs that do not serve their purpose. I spent a number of years searching for my own path, spending time in roles relating to social justice until commencing a PhD that seeks to understand how people change their lives. However, at heart my true passion has always been to understand people and ideas, and so, Goddess Acumen was born…


Dr. Helen Johnson

Dr Helen Johnson coaches creative, complex thinkers, and leaders in their field to challenge themselves, be more effective, and lighten up. Through her group programme, Deeper, she offers a way to hone your coaching and personal development skills while also doing the powerful work on yourself.